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Our Features

Interbix Solutions offers a variety of features.

Quality Hardware

We use only the best of the best hardware for each node. Our specifications for each node is carefully chosen so we can ensure that it preforms beautifully for your service.

Spectacular Support

We offer the best in class support team to help you resolve all your inquires. We have many channels which means you can reach our support team within minutes.

Enviromental Friendly

All our nodes run on clean energy that is provided by wind, solar, and hydro.


We believe that services should be affordable and we deliver on that promise. Our nodes preform efficiently and at the fraction of the cost than our competitors.

About Us

Interbix Solutions is a network of hosting companies, that includes Knabix Host and XenoNode. Our companies offer various kinds of services to meet your needs.

Interbix Solutions formed when Knabix Host Ltd and XenoNode partnered up. Interbix Solutions was formed to combine the two companies and in order to provide awesome services to more customers.

Interbix Solutions Ltd is a private limited liability company, limited by shares, and is registered in England & Wales (company no. 10704847).

Knabix Host offers superior game servers. We know lag is no fun and that is why we have datacenters all over the world for you to choose from. We equip each node with quality Intel processors and SSD storage to give you that cutting edge gameplay experience.

XenoNode offers fantastic cloud solutions to help you get off the ground and start on your project immediately. Whether you are hosting a massive website, resource heavy games, or some other cool projects, XenoNode will be sure to have your back.

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